Virginia Business Ready Sites Program

The Virginia Business Ready Sites Program (VBRSP) is a discretionary program established to promote development and characterization of sites (containing a minimum of 100 contiguous, developable acres) to enhance the Commonwealth’s infrastructure and promote the Commonwealth’s competitive business environment.

The Site Characterization Grant is designed to assess the level of existing development at a site and the additional development required to bring the site to a level that will enable the site to be marketed for industrial or commercial economic development purposes.

The Site Development Grant is designed to bring sites to higher levels of development and readiness for marketing. Site development grants are available to assist with the costs associated with the development required to increase a site's currently designated Site Characterization Tier to the next level.

All sites submitted should already have a designated Site Characterization Tier Level in VirginiaScan, or a Site Characterization Tier Level and supporting documentation may be submitted with the Site Development Grant Application. Please note that through the efforts of the Virginia Economic Developers Association, a 100-acre site is now eligible for a Site Development Grant.

A total of approximately $1.2 million is available for Site Development Grants. Applications for Site Development Grants will be accepted beginning on April 17, 2017 through May 19, 2017.

The VBRSP was developed by the VBRSP Working Group, a team of state, regional, and local stakeholders including VEDP, DEQ, railroad representatives, utility representatives, civil engineers, and other government, business and industry representatives. Grants are made at the discretion of a committee of VBRSP Working Group members. An applicant must demonstrate a commitment to bringing a site to a higher level of development. Financial participation by the recipient of a grant will be required.

At least one webinar will be scheduled during the application process. More details to be announced.

Click here for the VBRSP Site Development Guidelines and Application.